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THE JACKED UP SYSTEM!(If only you could read to the end…)



(If only you could read to the end…)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this writeup you’re about to read will open your eyes! Pull your seat closer. Ready? Let’s go.

Remember when I made a post, GET PISSED? Well, I’M PISSED! Follow me….
Set your mind on the academic system in Nigeria. Typically, we have the 4-6-6-4 system. If you don’t understand, it means 4 years of nursery education, 6 years of primary education, 6 years of secondary education, and in most cases, 4 years of university education. Anyone who is learned in Nigeria, for example, goes through this system.

Going through this system is not the problem I have. My problem is, JUST going through the system. I’ll explain.

We did not come up with the 4-6-6-4 system by ourselves. The people who colonized us developed this system for us. Now, if you ask me, they developed this system with one goal in mind to breed generations of Africans who are only efficient in the labour force, and that’s all. They want Africans who will go through the system and be qualified to be inducted into another system called A JOB, with a “bribe” called SALARY. Within the 4-6-6-4 system, not much attention is given to YOUR GIFT. So after a very long time, Africans have finally developed the mindset of, “Go through the system, finish, and get a job.” So everyone is looking forward to getting a first-class so as to be qualified for the job. Nothing about your dreams. Nothing about your life’s purpose. Nothing about your goals in life. You just go through the system and HOPE to get a job afterwards.

Look around Nigeria. Every single year, thousands of Nigerians graduate, and a good number of them don’t actually get that job they hope for. That’s why you see someone finish with a first-class, and start selling recharge cards on the road. You hear of people who graduate the best, and the job they get can barely pay house rent. After 20 years in the school system. Sometimes it leaves you asking the question, WHY AM I EVEN GOING TO SCHOOL?

Here’s why I actually said the system is jacked up:

First of all, Till today, I have not seen the use of some of the things I learnt in school. Home erectus….. Homo habilis…. Homo sapiens….. I know I only use it when I want to sound smart, but what and where has it gotten me? Somehow, INDABOSKI is more important than some things we learnt in school. Now, that’s not the problem I have, afterall, no knowledge is a waste. The problem is, THEY PLACE MORE EMPHASIS ON US LEARNING THESE USELESS THINGS, AS A CRITERION TO GRADUATE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Within this period of 20 years, many people lose their zeal to pursue their dreams, and they settle for what their hands can reach, just to make ends meet. I know two people who said they wanted to be medical doctors. Today, one is a DJ, and the other is an upcoming actor. Now, these people are actually doing well, but WHY SPEND 20 YEARS ON ONE THING, ONLY TO SETTLE FOR ANOTHER THING?

You see, you may not know, but the system was created to keep us enslaved from generation to generation. For as long as you live, you will keep working and working and working, and even the result you get does not match up to the amount of work you put in, hence you tend to put in more. Many parents don’t even know much about their kids because their job takes more of their time. And even after 20 whole years of passing through the system, you can’t even boast of a million naira in your bank account in 5-10 years. Look around you… The system only produces those who know big words, and speak big grammar, but the money they make does not justify that grammar. It is very difficult to see someone who passed through the system, and earns something that compensates all that 20-year-long struggle. Only a few exist (just so I won’t get my statistics wrong, not because I know them).

The earlier you realise this, the better.

Let me tell you what’s bad about this:
When you come out of school, let’s say you get a job that pays well. Great. As long as you’re working, you’re making that money to live a comfortable life. In the event of a sickness, or an accident, or something happens to you, and you stop working, YOU STOP MAKING THAT MONEY! So let’s say nothing happens to you, and you keep working and earning. We all know there are bills to take care of. There are responsibilities that require money, so it’s not like you’re not using the money. So at 65 or so, they have you retire. Then the next source of income becomes YOUR PENSION. In Nigeria, you and I know that you have to crawl, beg, and protest, before you get your pension, if at all you’ll get it. This is what some people forsee, and so they lie about their age, so that they are not made to retire on time. You see a 90-year-old shaky man claiming 61. And who can really blame them? All these things are what you suffer for putting your trust in THE JACKED UP SYSTEM!

However, some people discovered how ridiculous the system was, and fell out of it as soon as they could. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates were part of the system, and once they began to realise how the system caged them up, THESE TWO PEOPLE DROPPED OUT OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY, and went on to pursue their dreams! Today you hear of them, not as college degree holders, but richest men WHO MAKE MONEY EVEN IN THEIR SLEEP! As you’re reading this post now on this platform, Mark Zuckerberg is making money. If he decides now to sleep and not work again in his life, only one thing will be disturbing him…… THE BANK ALERT THAT COMES IN ON HIS PHONE! He devised a means to go round the system! Bill gates did that too! Look around you… many of those who actually become successful did not even attend college. Guess who’s working for them…..the ones with the certificate.

Do you know why the system only gives you a job?
The system was only designed to groom a generation that can REMEMBER, instead of THINK! That’s why, usually you have to cram to pass an exam, and whether you even understand what you crammed or not, you’re going to the next level. The system is designed to appeal to your remembering ability, such that, ONLY THOSE WHO CAN REMEMBER THINGS, CAN BE EMPLOYED! So the ability to think is flushed out. That’s why in Africa, it’s hard to find INVENTORS, because the system made us less thinkers and more rememberers. So when the white inventors think up something, THEY EMPLOY US TO HELP THEM INVENT IT. Why? Because we can remember things when they show us. That’s all we can do. The slavery only moved from physical to mental. It didn’t leave.

So when you finish 20 years in school, YOU’RE NOT THINKING OF AN INVENTION TO MAKE, you’re thinking of a place to hire you! It’s what they did to you and I. Our parents teach us, “if you study hard, you’ll get a good job.” Does that really apply in Africa now? Especially Nigeria? That’s why Africans are rather too spiritual, depending on God for things that they already have divine provisions for. Somebody comes in front of the congregation, to thank God for getting a new job, and the congregation claps without understanding! Ridiculous! For something you should have?! It has come to that point where we depend on God to secure a job. Can’t you see how terrible the system is?

Let me tell you: Success is not a guess work. It is not supposed to be a miracle. It is not supposed to be a testimony. If you apply the right principles, you should be successful. That’s why God gave Joshua the principles that would give him success, in Joshua 1:8. It has nothing to do with God doing a miracle for you. It’s about obeying the principles of success. That’s why you could never hear Mark Zuckerberg talk about God, yet that man is rich beyond our imaginations! Africans will tell you “by the grace of God”, as in humility. You don’t know what’s going on.

The principles of success have been placed upon the earth for everyone. You don’t run to God for something He has already given you. If you discover the principles of success, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

If you like, say amen to all the prophecies in church, if you don’t apply the principles of success, you will remain poor! Why do you think we Africans pray more than any other continent, yet we’re the poorest?! That’s because we don’t know we have been trapped by the system! As a child of God, your testimony should not be that the Lord helped you secure a job! ORDINARY JOB! Every Christian should actually be living in more abundance than anyone else. Testimonies are intended to speak of your SALVATION. The devil is not after your job or your possessions. He’s after your salvation! So we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the words of our TESTIMONY! We should be testifying about how we overcame temptations that would have deprived us of our salvation, not this nonsense we hear in church today. But because we have been trapped by the system, and we don’t understand that there are principles to follow to achieve success, we just keep fasting and praying for something God has already given us, and we’re lucky to get in touch with something that looks like it, we run to testify. IGNORANCE!

Okay this is what I am trying to say:
Since the 4-6-6-4 system will not help you build on your gift, you have to find a way to build it. I’m not asking you to drop out of school. I’m asking you to BUILD ON YOUR GIFT WHILE YOU’RE GOING THROUGH THE SYSTEM.

Let me reveal a secret to you:
Your goal should not be to FIND A JOB after school. Your goal should be to CREATE A JOB! Your certificate MAY find you a job, but your gift WILL create you a job! See, when they’re tired of you, they can fire you from your job, but NO ONE CAN FIRE YOU FROM YOUR GIFT! Oya fire Frank Edwards let me see. Okay fire Davido let’s see.

In your job, they control your time. In your gift, YOU control your time, and nobody can fire you.

I thought about this hard many years ago, as I was about to enter med school, and from that time, I began to build myself instead of depending on the system. With this mindset I have, I CAN NEVER BE FINANCIALLY STRANDED! It’s not because I come from a rich family, or because I’m hoping on someone to help me out. Many of you see what I do. You call me multi-talented, but you don’t know why I do it. I am exploiting and developing every single gift God has put into me, and I am leaving no stones unturned. Yes I am in med school, and soon I become a doctor, but I still develop myself in all the other areas. Because I have learnt not to depend on the system, and so I know I will never be financially stranded! The truth is, IT IS YOUR GIFT THAT WILL MAKE A WAY FOR YOU, not your certificate. Your gift is what will give you your financial freedom! FINANCIAL FREEDOM simply means, making money even in your sleep. Yes! It’s possible. Jeff Bezos, Aliko Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, they’re all doing it, and they have the one head containing one brain, which we all have.

Many of you have such mighty dreams, but it’s only a matter of time before you give up on them, because with the job you’re HOPING to get, you don’t see yourself achieving them. You put your trust in the jacked up system and that’s why that happened. Many talented dancers are trapped behind computers! See what the system does?

It’s time to break forth and AIM FOR CREATIVITY, INSTEAD OF A JOB! Time for you to take your own destiny into your hands. Don’t be a certificate chaser. Be a THINKER! Create your own. Stop hoping to help others achieve theirs in the name of employment!

I know many of us have this same issue. We all are victims of the jacked up system.

Now, because I don’t just mean to make this post and leave you to figure things out for yourself, and because I AM PISSED AT THE JACKED UP SYSTEM, I have to proffer a solution. If you want to know what to do to come out of this situation, I am giving you an opportunity to chat me up privately let’s talk about it. I will try my best to help you out, I promise.

I have been pissed at the educational system in Africa for a while now, but I’M RISING TO TAKE ACTION! Who wants to do this with me? I’ll be waiting privately.🙂 Your life is about to change🙌🤩.




©️ Prospero Adogu

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Domestic violence is a violence or other abuse in a marriage.
Domestic violence could involve any body but I’m looking at it in a family setting between a man and his wife.

Domestic violence includes

  • Physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religion reproductive and sexual abuse.

Many people are going through a lot in marriages today, some Christan homes inclusive. This has caused a lot of harms in homes, churches and the society at large. So many women have lost their lives in the process,men inclusive but women are mostly at the receiving end. And they endure mostly even to the point of loosing their lives. This they do because of:

  1. The love they have for their spouse
  2. Because of their children
  3. What the society will say about them
  4. Because of their faith and religion.

Please when beating and sexual molestation becomes the case in your home, there’s need for separation.

Now in as much as the Bible frowns at divorce, I don’t think it’ll be reasonable for one to remain in an abusive marriage where his/her life is a stake. The same children you think about will still be maltreated, neglected and will be forced to face horrible situations the moment you are gone. The same society you are thinking of what they will say will still blame you for not speaking out on time. Your making heaven is even very slim because I don’t think your heart is clean in that condition. Your bad thoughts, unforgiveness and bitterness is enough to send you to hell. And instead of you to commit murder, I think you should separate if that’s the only option left.

Many women are going through alot. When a domestic violence involves life threatening abuses, there’s need for you to seek for help.

Many women have died in this process. Pls being born again doesn’t mean your brain should be suspended. Yes divorce is a sin but you shouldn’t die either because you are married. You are being asked to keep praying often times, yes but you could do that also while away. Many women are dying silently. Women please speak out in such conditions, don’t keep quiet. Make sure the problem is not from you. Make sure you are not the cause of it.

I have seen a woman beating blue black by her husband. Not once not twice. Infact the man always use cane,belt etc on her. And she’s asked to keep praying. What if she die one day? What if she couldn’t take it any longer and tries to defend herself and kill her partner in the process, what will be her lot?

Women should take the necessary steps the moment they see that things are getting out of hand.

Try to see how you could save the situation by involving your spiritual leaders, your both families,the people your partner respects so much and if there’s no changes please take a break while you pray and take the necessary steps to save your marriage.

Pls note that your being away is for the mean time. Even while away you are to remain and keep your body. It’s not a time to go about messing up. If you do that you are commenting sin. You are to maintain sexual purity. Even when your partner is doing otherwise. The only time remarriage is possible is when one partner is dead. See Romans 7:2,1cor.7:39.

Neighbors should as well look out for their fellow women/men. Please speak out for them. Some of them are in a tight corner and can’t help themselves.

Stay tuned for the next post on this same topic!

Say no to domestic violence.

What’s your take on this? Share your opinion.
Will you allow your daughter, sister, brother,son go through domestic violence?
What will you have them do;the abused?

By Chika Helen Nwabueze’

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By Oladimeji Ramon

A group, the Federal Social Democrats, says the credibility and integrity of the Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, have been diminished by the alleged shooting of #EndSARS protesters by soldiers at the Lekki tollgate on the night of October 20.

According to the group, the Lekki incident has eroded the admiration that Sanwo-Olu won with his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group, in statement on Sunday signed on its behalf by Olutola Mobolurin, also condemned the harassment of #EndSARS protest leaders through the freezing of their bank accounts and stopping them from travelling outside the country.

The FSD’s statement was titled, ‘Statement by the Federal Social Democrats On the #EndSARS Movement and Violence in the Wake of Lekki Shootings.’

The group said, “Governor Sanwo-Olu, who before now has been credited with responsible and energetic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, has by this one act lost his credibility and integrity for many. He has a big task in regaining the confidence of the public and youths; his credibility gap surrounding what happened at the Lekki Toll Plaza is not helped by the insensitive bluster of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the governor’s residence stating that those who were injured and presumably those who died had questions to answer.”

Though the group condemned the destruction of public assets and looting that trailed the shootings at the Lekki tollgate, it said the mayhem pointed to the alienation of a large number of youths from society by government.

It said, “The so-called hoodlums are the youths that have been denied any stake in society by the self-dealing and state capture that have characterised governance over the last 30 years. Millions of our youths have been uneducated, unemployable and with no meaningful social safety net. Even for the millions who are educated and skilled, long-term unemployment has been their experience in the Nigerian prebendal political economy that serves primarily the interests of public office holders and their cronies.

“Some of the ‘hoodlums’ responsible for the trashing of Lagos are the youths and ‘the toughies’ that many politicians have over the years employed to subvert the democratic process through intimidation of voters and perpetration of violence during elections.”

The group said the organisers of the #EndSARS protests deserved commendation for the resourcefulness, transparency and accountability which they demonstrated.

The group condemned “the growing reports of compilation of names of the assumed leaders and facilitators of the protests for government reprisals.”

It said, “Those that are being targeted are reportedly being prevented from travelling outside Nigeria while accounts of some have been frozen. This is hardly the hallmark of a democratic government that is interested in dialoguing with the youths or learning positive lessons from the #EndSARS protests. It is also a violation of the spirit of government’s acceptance of the 5 for 5 agenda. The President should stop all these acts of witch-hunt.”

The FSD solicited support for the Lagos State Government to rebuild and replace the vandalised public assets.

  • PunchNg

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• Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala had been expected to be confirmed as leader on Monday

By Richard Partington

The race to find a new leader of the World Trade Organization has been thrown into renewed uncertainty after the cancellation of a key appointment meeting following the US presidential election.

The Geneva-based WTO, which acts as an international arbiter for trading disputes, said it had put off a meeting scheduled for Monday that had been called to appoint Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as its next director general.

Donald Trump’s administration opposed her selection in one of its final acts before the US election, despite the former Nigerian finance minister securing the overwhelming backing of the WTO’s 164 members.

The special meeting of the trade body’s general council had been convened to take a formal decision on the appointment. Officials had been set to put forward Dr Okonjo-Iweala as the candidate most likely to attract a majority, after most countries expressed a preference for her over South Korea’s Yoo Myung-hee.

Okonjo-Iweala had moved a step closer to becoming the first woman and the first African to be director of the global trade watchdog after securing backing from the EU, China, Japan and Australia. Liam Fox, the leading Brexiter and former international trade secretary, had run as the UK government’s preferred candidate but failed to win enough support from other countries to reach the last two in the process.

Trade experts said Joe Biden defeating Trump in last week’s election may have led to countries calling for a delay in the WTO leadership race, with the aim of securing the Biden White House’s backing for Okonjo-Iweala after he takes charge in January.

The delay in selecting a new WTO director general comes at a fragile moment for the world economy amid the second wave of Covid-19, and after years of criticism of the WTO and calls for reform from Trump.

The WTO said the meeting would be postponed until further notice, during which time the organisation would continue undertaking consultations with delegations from countries around the world to pick a new leader.

It said in a statement: “For reasons including the health situation and current events, delegations will not be in a position to take a formal decision on 9 November.”

  • TheGuardian

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

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