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Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

*Anybody praising me is just expressing his opinion. It won’t blow my head because if you praise anything in me, it is Jesus.
*We have never doctored any testimony in this place. Even after my time on earth is over, we will never doctor a testimony to make it sweet.

Somebody came in here 1996, she met the Matthew 6:33 fire burning, she hooked on to it. The fire changed gear in 2015, she connected: all round rest!
In the midst of lock down, 300% increase from the previous job, a job the person never applied for (documented testimony).
Please note as I said last week, “every revival is ordained a platform for the full restoration of our redemptive dignity through spiritual labour.”
Valley of very dry bones behold the bones were very dry and then the spirit of God moved; there arose from that same valley an exceedingly great army. At the instance of a revival, the very dry, worthless bones were turned into an exceedingly great army. That is revival for you, it is ordained a spiritual platform for the full restoration of our redemptive dignity.
You won’t see shame again!
You won’t know shame again!
God that decorates the faithful, will decorate you.
God that gives all round rest to the restless, will give you rest.

It’s very important for us to recognise that every revival season provides an open-ended platform for spiritual platform; it is available to anyone who is interested.

We saw some great revivals in scriptures, among them we have the 2 Chronicles revival (2 Chronicles 15).
They were in crisis and a prophetic Word came in 2 Chronicles 15:7. Revival time is work time
Haggai 2:4 – we saw this prophetic revival in Haggai 2:3.
Every revival places a demand of spiritual labour on whosoever is interested in it to be a partaker of the blessing thereof.
We saw this revival chapter in Habakkuk 3:2,13,17-19. It is for the restoration of our redemptive dignity.

This is our season we must take advantage of: God is translating, transforming and transfiguring destinies in this season. You are hearing the testimonies.
I’m going to say it again; we have never doctored any testimony in this Ministry since inception:
“Let’s make this testimony sweeter; let’s extend it”;
“Let’s assume he is not the only one who was saved, that the whole household was saved.“ No;
“Let’s assume he just got up immediately.” No, he said, he got up after 2 weeks. So, put the 2 weeks there, that’s what he wrote.
If we touch anything in the testimony, it’s the grammar. That we change the context of a testimony…Even after my time on earth is over, it will not happen in this place, so whatsoever you hear from here is the truth as told as by the Testifiers. Because you will testify this year. You won’t have to extend, it will be colourful in its raw state.

You and I have a root of greatness in redemption (Luke 1:31-32). Giants don’t give birth to dwarfs: you have a common Father, you are joint heirs with Jesus. You can’t be the son of the Highest and live the lowest life, so we have a root of greatness in redemption (Genesis 12:2-3, Galatians 3:29).
Isaac – Genesis 26:12-14,
How does the greatness emerge? Matthew 23:11-12, Luke 22:27. His greatness demands stewardship, servanthood. There is nothing in doing nothing.
If you are too big, you are too big to be saved, you are too big for heaven, you must have somewhere else you are going.
There is nothing in doing nothing. All through scriptures, stewardship is the highway to greatness (Luke 22:26). We need to be acquainted with what does it take for my stewardship to be profitable and deliver its ultimate purpose which is the full restoration of my redemptive dignity among which is greatness: great health, great family, great career, great children, great prosperity. That’s our redemptive heritage and a revival time, just like an exceeding great army came out of the valley of dry bones, it’s ordained to be a season of full restoration of our redemptive dignity.
That’s why God is lifting people to places where they least imagined. You are the next in line.

Isaac sowed in that line, he wasn’t waiting, he wasn’t watching. He sowed in that land and received in same year a hundredfold (Genesis 26:12-13). There has to be investment before there will be dividends.

  1. We must serve God faithfully
    It’s required of stewards that a man be found faithful (1 Corinthians 4:2). It’s a covenant requirement. You cannot be fruitful in stewardship except you are faithful in your engagement. Jesus was faithful in all… and He is still fruitful today.
    Many are going to be saved today through the faithfulness of Jesus 2000 years ago.

But a faithful man, who can find? We have many ‘faceful’ people, eye service, ‘make dem see me kind of service’. God knows there will be eye service people.
Matthew 24:45-46. Faithfulness is the requirement for guaranteed returns on our stewardship.
Proverbs 20:6

Somebody is in Abu Dhabi (documented testimony), faithfulness will make God find you wherever you are.

  1. We must serve God cheerfully: ‘smilingly’, joyfully, excitedly all of the time. You don’t freeze your face.
    “they said we should pray, otherwise I have quite a number of things doing now. In fact, my kind of profession requires time, but if you don’t pray, they will say you are not a Winner. Lord, I’m praying now because I’m a Winner.”

No, God is not depending on you to pray. If He doesn’t find you, His own Hand will bring salvation. If God ever depended on man, He would have stopped being God.

This Church planting, our hand is not in it; that’s the only way I can say it.
One of the State Pastors spoke to me last night, he said, “we have just cleared the facilities for 51 new Churches next Sunday.”
I said: How are you doing it?
He said: I don’t know too.

Whether you now pray for Church planting or you don’t pray, it’s your cup of tea. He has decided to and has bound Himself with an oath. The same way God has bound with an oath to make this year your breaking limit year if you will respond to the demands thereof.

Do you know we have not reminded anyone on MAS in this world? That your Mission Adoption Scheme? Even you and myself, we are adopted; what’s your adoption going to do to God? He said, “the silver is mine, the gold is mine, saith the Lord” (Haggai 2:8).

By the grace of God, I’m the President and Leader of this Ministry; I have not given one demand on this wave of Church planting; “hello sir, we’ll need something!” Not one.
We’ve not been consulted.
That’s how great your God is in bringing His Word to pass in your life. Every single prophetic Word in your direction will deliver openly this year.

We must keep serving God cheerfully. God sent me a message, 1976 in Deuteronomy 28:47-48. For not serving God joyfully: you think I’m disturbing you, you see Me as a burden. I came to bless you. You drag your feet, frown your face, fight everybody you see on the road. In your service group, you are a concern.
They say, “go there”;
You would say, “no, this is where I want to go. Stop that ooo, if not because we are in the service group, in my office can you come near me and tell me to go to somewhere? I’m not going anywhere! If not for Church, can people like you be talking to me at all. Do you know my status? Go and find out.”
Did they beg you to join?
I told you, if I ever preach a message where there is no laughter, don’t listen to it. I’ve been laughing like this 1976 till forever. Since I found Matthew 6:33, I’ve been laughing at the devil, smiling as I serve. You insult me, I enjoy it. You insult me and I stopped going to work because you insulted me, I will be a big fool.
I am going to work and you say, “see his leg”
Response: Yes, I thank God for my leg
“See his nose”
Response: He (God) made it and He did it beautifully.
“See how short he is”
Response: That’s the size He made me for so I can save more cloths.

He that sitteth in Heaven shall laugh (Psalm 2:4). If you are not laughing, you are not one of them sitting in Heaven because in Heaven, he that sits there laughs and we are seated in Heavenly places, what should we do? Laugh
As you serve: laugh
As they insult you: laugh
As they mock you: laugh
As they abuse you: laugh

Anybody insulting me is wasting his mouth:

  1. I didn’t hear (the insult).
  2. Even if I heard it, it won’t pain me
    Anybody praising me is just expressing his opinion
  3. I didn’t hear it and if I heard, it won’t blow my head because if you praise anything in me, it is Jesus. The greater in me is the One you are praising and you think I’m the one.

Thank God for the privilege of stewardship. Ask God for grace to maximize this awesome season in your life. God is changing people’s stories, He has you in mind. You are on your way to your high places, that’s what revival offers. Great health, great strength, great career, great vocation, great family, great children, great grandchildren.

The day is declared your day.
You are breaking forth on every side.
It’s your day of testimonies. It’s your day of breaking forth.
This revival season will be a most memorable one in your life.
Everything will be happening in your favour.
Everything will be speaking in your favour.
When you serve Him, He said, “I will honour you.” When God honours, shame and reproach clear out. You won’t see shame again; you won’t see reproach again.
The day is blessed, as a day of good news. No mishaps, everything is working in your favour in the name of Jesus.

Speak to the day: Here I come, with the grace of God upon my life.


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What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?



What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

everyone is preparing for Christmas, you need to see the crowd at Alaba intl Market yesterday….. Someone told me that he visited Oshodi central market on Christmas Eve and almost lost is shadow in the crowd. Hahaha 😴

Preparation everywhere… One thing that I get to notice is that we prepare more for the funFair part, we spent more time planning and thinking of what to eat, drink and wear. Which I 100% agree that is all part of the celebration of Christmas.

But have you ever asked yourself this question…

What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?
what gift those he desire from us? What has always been is dearest desire and expectation from us.
There is really only one thing that Jesus wants for Christmas. Jesus wants you.
Of course He wants other people too, but you cannot give other people to Jesus. You can only give yourself.

You can exhort and challenge others to give themselves to Christ, but that begins by giving yourself fully to Christ. Prepare to receive him, Create a room for him in your heart.

You are aware of what happened 2000 years ago according to the Gospel of Luke 2:6-7
While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, 7 and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.

So back then there was no room available for him….

What about now he wants you, One of the greatest gifts you can give Jesus this season is the gift of you. Jesus wants a relationship with you.

Your distance brother
©️ Apt Clement OC Merciful

Merry Christmas to you all

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Sister Toyin Oluyemisi Ojo’s Glorious exit.



Death and satan have lost battle over your passing because a soul has just been added to the Kingdom of God.

Words can not describe the intensity and depth of how many people will miss you. So articulate and determined person of rear nature without comparison. Tough and gentle. Hardworking and loving.

A loving person engraved with passion for others professional and personal progress. Madam Toyin Oluyemisi Adedayo-Ojo. Your world, though short, but impacting and blessing to many lives. A free minded person who was ready to say anything that can serve as weight in her mind out in love without holding a bit. This world will feel your impact at this crucial time when your sharp brain in building and putting things right would be acutely needed. Pages of an entire huge book can not describe your person. How many lives can finally put food on their table through your compassionate disposition to mankind. How you gave many free consultative advice and encouragement free of charge to change their lives. How you raised many from nothing to something bigger. You were a rear gem. Supporter of dreams, vision and mission. A gold in the hand of your loving husband Daddy Reverend Dayo Ojo. Heavens definitely make your way crossed though a short period but immensely productive.

I believe heavens shall be glad receiving such a good image of God in you. A host of heaven shall rejoice for a well spent life of yours. At 47, your efforts and rewards surpasses those well above 100.

Though we are sad losing such a loving person, God smiles recieving HIS own to HIS bosom.

Your passing is a great lesson that all you have on earth are not meant for a person but to change lives. All your charisma are not to make you a celebrity but to celebrate Christ in supporting Kingdom Ministry. All your wealth of knowledge and experience are not to make you great but to work and support God ministry in the live of people. We can see all your fruits flourishing and your seedling germinating to stand on their foot.

The Church will miss you.
All members of your work place shall miss you.
The community shall miss you.
And your family of a loving son and respected and God loving husband shall greatly miss you.

May God comfort you husband, son, the entire family, the church of God, all member of your work place you left behind and many other whose your life had blessed.

Sleep in peace at the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Adieu madam Yemisi.

We love you but Christ loves you most.

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David the shepherd boy was caring for the 🐑, just minding his own business when he was called. The prophet chose him out of his seven elder brothers to become the king of Isreal.

What’s interesting is David didn’t go to the palace the moment he was anointed. He didn’t step into leadership that day. He went back to the shepherd’s field.

When God give you a promise there will always be a waiting period. What we do while waiting will determine whether or not the promise would come to be.

David was Anointed but not Appointed yet. He had to go through the season of proving and testing. David understood this principles,” to see promises come to pass, you have to keep travelling steadily forward. You have to do the right thing when no one is watching you. You have to be your best, thank God even though the door is not opening.

Month after months, David took good care of those animals- making sure they weren’t attacked and destroyed. His father didn’t even invite him home the first time prophet Samuel came searching. His brothers made fun of him. He didn’t let all that burder him. He didn’t feel bitter. Rather,he kept travelling forward.

After David defeated Goliath, King Saul became jealous of his achievements. Saul chased David through the mountains and the valleys in the wilderness. Yet David didn’t hurt Saul when he could have. He wasn’t impatient with God. He knew clearly,if he keeps moving forward in the necessary process of training and developing, then God will take him to the throne at His “Appointed” time.

Thirteen years after David was “Anointed”King Saul died in the battlefield and David ascended the throne. Amen!

Time may fail me to sight other examples: Moses was” Anointed” but had to wait forty whole years just tending Jethro’s flocks,then bagging his heroic”Appointment” with a corresponding responsibility.

Also, Joshua though”Anointed”early enough, but had to wait on the sidelines serving as long as Moses’ ministry lasted. Yet when”Appointed” was instrumental in climaxing the noble cause of” entrance proper” into the promise land.

Lastly, one of the most thriving penticostal churches in Nigeria today was started in a campus room with less 20 people, but has today hundreds of thousands of membership in the country and beyond. The founder and the General Superitendent, a man with an uncommon vision and passion for soul winning was”Anointed” just was David, but with no ceremonious “Appointment”. At least, not immediately. Yet he moved forward steadily through the”Training and Developing processes. Today pastor W.F Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church is an authority figure with the emphasis to Christian work and Leadership!

You’ve waited for those dreams and expectations to materialize. You have waited having been” Anointed”, chosen and ordained by God. However,as each day passes by,it seems just farther away from reality. Hang on right there! Remember you didn’t achieve the “Anointing”just by human efforts in the first place.

So when next it appears you are waiting longer time, just know it’s not after all vain. Many thanks!

© Aneke Jude



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