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“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” posits management thinker, Peter Drucker. And that was one of the reasons that got the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government to embark on a 2-day Performance Review Retreat for its Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, and other top functionaries. The event held Monday and Tuesday this week at the State House Conference Centre, Aso Villa, Abuja.

One hallmark of the President is his ability to sit through long meetings and conferences, listening patiently and taking notes. When we younger people, on the pretext of using the bathroom, escape to the tea room to refresh ourselves and get some respite, the President remains at his duty post, as constant as the Northern Star.

But on Monday, when this special retreat opened, President Buhari was not around. Why? He had set forth at dawn, heading for Niamey, in Republic of Niger, to attend the 57th Ordinary Session of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The sub-regional body had a lot on its plate: military coup in Mali, the common currency proposal, COVID-19 challenges, and many others. And as a major player in West Africa, indeed, Africa, Nigeria had to be there.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo provided very worthy representation for the President. He read the opening speech, in which the President took an opportunity to address germane policy reform issues in the country. New tariffs and prices for electricity and petrol. And the point was well made. The economy was being strangulated, asphyxiated by subsidy amounting to trillions of naira. Apart from reeking of humongous corruption, the country can no longer afford it, particularly with the advent of COVID-19 and its devastation on almost every facet of life, especially the economy.

That opening speech was timely, revelatory, and soothing to restive Nigerians, who had yearned to hear directly from their President on the prevailing issues, which touch lives and livelihood.

The retreat was put together by office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr Boss Mustapha. And what yeoman’s job they did, considering the almost flawless organization and the quality of Faculty put together. A checklist: Mr Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Albert Zeufack, Chief Economist for Africa, World Bank. Professor Ibrahim Gambari, Chief of Staff to the Nigerian President. Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, astute diplomat and former Secretary to the Government of the Federation. Alhaji Yayale Ahmed, former Head of the Civil Service, former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, and a former Minister. Rima Assi, Senior Partner, McKinsey &Company, while Joseph Tegbe, Ordu Obibuaku, Dimeji Salaudeen, and Umaru Abu served as technical partners. A star-studded team, if ever there was one.

VP Osinbajo, after the opening speech, gave an overview of the N2.3 trillion Economic Sustainability Plan, which is a direct response of the Federal Government to the ravages of COVID-19. It was an illuminating session on what would happen in 12 months to reflate an economy in stupor, and give hope to businesses and other endeavors. It’s to the future with hope.

Former PM Tony Blair was invited to share experience, and he sure did. His topic was Driving Growth in a Crisis. He gave his audience what we would never forget: Five Ps of Leadership, which are Prioritization, Policy, Personnel, Planning, and Performance Management. It was like going through Business School again, and taking a course in leadership. Nothing like hearing from someone with practical experience.

There are nine priority areas, which the government has identified for itself, aside from the three focal areas it campaigned on in 2015 and 2019. The priority areas are; Stabilize the macroeconomy, Achieve agriculture and food security, Ensure energy sufficiency in power and petroleum products, Improve transportation and other infrastructure, Drive industrialization, Improve health, education and productivity, Enhance social inclusion and reduce poverty, Fight corruption and improve governance, and Improve security for all.

There were nine breakout groups, with each taking one of the priority areas. They brainstormed, identified challenges and prospects, and made recommendations. These they presented at plenary the next day. Very rich, worth the time and the exertion put in.

Albert Zeufack, Chief Economist at the World Bank for Africa, spoke on Driving Growth in a Crisis, from the economic perspective. When he finished, as Moderator of the retreat, I remember saying he spoke as if he were a Nigerian, and he lived with us in the country. Down to earth.

Our own Professor Ibrahim Gambari, Chief of Staff to the President, took us through the topic; Delivering the Presidential Legacy: A Collective Responsibility. He charged participants to realize that the country looked up to us to assist the President to deliver on his promises. It would be to the good of all.

Ambassador Kingibe. The suave diplomat sent the hall into guffaws while delivering his paper. He let out a throaty cough, and then assured that there was no need to panic. “Anybody who has known me in the past 60 years would know the reason for that cough.”

We laughed heartily. We know the reason for the cough. But do you? Well, let me keep the reason as a little secret.

The former SGF spoke on Managing Relationships Between Ministers and Permanent Secretaries/CEOs of Parastatals to Accelerate Delivery. Home truths from a pro, a man who has seen it all.

Day One ended, with participants loaded to the hilt. Emperor Festus had told Paul the Apostle, as the latter defended himself of sundry allegations: “Too much learning has made you crazy.” Yes, too much learning can addle the mind, so we closed for the day,after eight solid hours.

Only to return at 10 a.m the next day, and to another eight hours. The President was seated, back from the ECOWAS Summit in Niamey. It was Judgment Day. Performance Review. And each Ministry came under the scrutiny of independent assessors, who delivered the scorecard. More on that report later. It was largely positive.

Dimeji Salaudeen spoke on Visioning the Future. Review of Key Priorities, Targets, and Presidential Legacy in the Next Two Years. His focus was on economy, infrastructure, fighting corruption, and security. You know that these were key campaign issues for the administration.

Rima Assi, Senior Partner with McKinsey & Company spoke on Delivering Government Agenda: The Imperative of Revenue Mobilization and Enhancement. Yes, money answereth all things, says the Good Book. To achieve its goals and visions for the country and the people, government needs to generate more revenue. Rima delved into how.

The Big Panel. That was how I described it, and here’s why. A 90 minutes discussion group was empaneled, and here are the members: Dr Ahmed Lawan, President of the Senate, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker, House of Representatives, Dr Kayode Fayemi, Governor of Ekiti State and Chairman Governors Forum, Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola, Minister of Works and Housing, Dr Folashade Yemi-Esan, Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mr Mamman Ahmadu, Director General, Bureau of Public Procurement, and Professor Doyin Salami of the Presidential Economic Advisory Council. The session was chaired by Alhaji Yayale Ahmed, and topic was: Collaboration to Deliver.

It was all about synergy between arms of government, in a way to deliver the vision of the President for the country. Deep and rich session.

SGF Boss Mustapha gave final presentation on Execution and Linkage to Performance Management System-Making it Happen. It dwelled on next steps.

And after that came the denouement. The man we had been waiting for. The President. He had sat through the eight hours, listening and taking notes. Now, it was time to close the retreat.

The President spoke with passion, both from a prepared text, and off the cuff, from the heart. He recalled achievements of government in spite of multiple challenges. Progress made in agriculture, rail, roads, Second Niger Bridge, anti-corruption fight, battles against insecurity, and many others. He told government functionaries to play as a team, as “a convoy is only as strong as its slowest vessel.” Collaboration, coordination, and synergy were very important.

Shooting from the hips, the President spoke about those we call the Wailing Wailers, who see no good, hear no good, and say no good about the government: “I have to charge all of you to defend the government vigorously, and not allow irresponsible and politically motivated activists to keep spreading patent falsehoods about the government. Information to the public should be better packaged. Go on the offensive. We are proud of our achievements and we should blow our own trumpets.

True. I am proud of the achievements of this government. And that is why I blow the trumpet 🎺 on this platform week after week. Thank you for joining me.

*Adesina is Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Buhari


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Domestic violence is a violence or other abuse in a marriage.
Domestic violence could involve any body but I’m looking at it in a family setting between a man and his wife.

Domestic violence includes

  • Physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religion reproductive and sexual abuse.

Many people are going through a lot in marriages today, some Christan homes inclusive. This has caused a lot of harms in homes, churches and the society at large. So many women have lost their lives in the process,men inclusive but women are mostly at the receiving end. And they endure mostly even to the point of loosing their lives. This they do because of:

  1. The love they have for their spouse
  2. Because of their children
  3. What the society will say about them
  4. Because of their faith and religion.

Please when beating and sexual molestation becomes the case in your home, there’s need for separation.

Now in as much as the Bible frowns at divorce, I don’t think it’ll be reasonable for one to remain in an abusive marriage where his/her life is a stake. The same children you think about will still be maltreated, neglected and will be forced to face horrible situations the moment you are gone. The same society you are thinking of what they will say will still blame you for not speaking out on time. Your making heaven is even very slim because I don’t think your heart is clean in that condition. Your bad thoughts, unforgiveness and bitterness is enough to send you to hell. And instead of you to commit murder, I think you should separate if that’s the only option left.

Many women are going through alot. When a domestic violence involves life threatening abuses, there’s need for you to seek for help.

Many women have died in this process. Pls being born again doesn’t mean your brain should be suspended. Yes divorce is a sin but you shouldn’t die either because you are married. You are being asked to keep praying often times, yes but you could do that also while away. Many women are dying silently. Women please speak out in such conditions, don’t keep quiet. Make sure the problem is not from you. Make sure you are not the cause of it.

I have seen a woman beating blue black by her husband. Not once not twice. Infact the man always use cane,belt etc on her. And she’s asked to keep praying. What if she die one day? What if she couldn’t take it any longer and tries to defend herself and kill her partner in the process, what will be her lot?

Women should take the necessary steps the moment they see that things are getting out of hand.

Try to see how you could save the situation by involving your spiritual leaders, your both families,the people your partner respects so much and if there’s no changes please take a break while you pray and take the necessary steps to save your marriage.

Pls note that your being away is for the mean time. Even while away you are to remain and keep your body. It’s not a time to go about messing up. If you do that you are commenting sin. You are to maintain sexual purity. Even when your partner is doing otherwise. The only time remarriage is possible is when one partner is dead. See Romans 7:2,1cor.7:39.

Neighbors should as well look out for their fellow women/men. Please speak out for them. Some of them are in a tight corner and can’t help themselves.

Stay tuned for the next post on this same topic!

Say no to domestic violence.

What’s your take on this? Share your opinion.
Will you allow your daughter, sister, brother,son go through domestic violence?
What will you have them do;the abused?

By Chika Helen Nwabueze’

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By Oladimeji Ramon

A group, the Federal Social Democrats, says the credibility and integrity of the Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, have been diminished by the alleged shooting of #EndSARS protesters by soldiers at the Lekki tollgate on the night of October 20.

According to the group, the Lekki incident has eroded the admiration that Sanwo-Olu won with his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group, in statement on Sunday signed on its behalf by Olutola Mobolurin, also condemned the harassment of #EndSARS protest leaders through the freezing of their bank accounts and stopping them from travelling outside the country.

The FSD’s statement was titled, ‘Statement by the Federal Social Democrats On the #EndSARS Movement and Violence in the Wake of Lekki Shootings.’

The group said, “Governor Sanwo-Olu, who before now has been credited with responsible and energetic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, has by this one act lost his credibility and integrity for many. He has a big task in regaining the confidence of the public and youths; his credibility gap surrounding what happened at the Lekki Toll Plaza is not helped by the insensitive bluster of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the governor’s residence stating that those who were injured and presumably those who died had questions to answer.”

Though the group condemned the destruction of public assets and looting that trailed the shootings at the Lekki tollgate, it said the mayhem pointed to the alienation of a large number of youths from society by government.

It said, “The so-called hoodlums are the youths that have been denied any stake in society by the self-dealing and state capture that have characterised governance over the last 30 years. Millions of our youths have been uneducated, unemployable and with no meaningful social safety net. Even for the millions who are educated and skilled, long-term unemployment has been their experience in the Nigerian prebendal political economy that serves primarily the interests of public office holders and their cronies.

“Some of the ‘hoodlums’ responsible for the trashing of Lagos are the youths and ‘the toughies’ that many politicians have over the years employed to subvert the democratic process through intimidation of voters and perpetration of violence during elections.”

The group said the organisers of the #EndSARS protests deserved commendation for the resourcefulness, transparency and accountability which they demonstrated.

The group condemned “the growing reports of compilation of names of the assumed leaders and facilitators of the protests for government reprisals.”

It said, “Those that are being targeted are reportedly being prevented from travelling outside Nigeria while accounts of some have been frozen. This is hardly the hallmark of a democratic government that is interested in dialoguing with the youths or learning positive lessons from the #EndSARS protests. It is also a violation of the spirit of government’s acceptance of the 5 for 5 agenda. The President should stop all these acts of witch-hunt.”

The FSD solicited support for the Lagos State Government to rebuild and replace the vandalised public assets.

  • PunchNg

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• Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala had been expected to be confirmed as leader on Monday

By Richard Partington

The race to find a new leader of the World Trade Organization has been thrown into renewed uncertainty after the cancellation of a key appointment meeting following the US presidential election.

The Geneva-based WTO, which acts as an international arbiter for trading disputes, said it had put off a meeting scheduled for Monday that had been called to appoint Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as its next director general.

Donald Trump’s administration opposed her selection in one of its final acts before the US election, despite the former Nigerian finance minister securing the overwhelming backing of the WTO’s 164 members.

The special meeting of the trade body’s general council had been convened to take a formal decision on the appointment. Officials had been set to put forward Dr Okonjo-Iweala as the candidate most likely to attract a majority, after most countries expressed a preference for her over South Korea’s Yoo Myung-hee.

Okonjo-Iweala had moved a step closer to becoming the first woman and the first African to be director of the global trade watchdog after securing backing from the EU, China, Japan and Australia. Liam Fox, the leading Brexiter and former international trade secretary, had run as the UK government’s preferred candidate but failed to win enough support from other countries to reach the last two in the process.

Trade experts said Joe Biden defeating Trump in last week’s election may have led to countries calling for a delay in the WTO leadership race, with the aim of securing the Biden White House’s backing for Okonjo-Iweala after he takes charge in January.

The delay in selecting a new WTO director general comes at a fragile moment for the world economy amid the second wave of Covid-19, and after years of criticism of the WTO and calls for reform from Trump.

The WTO said the meeting would be postponed until further notice, during which time the organisation would continue undertaking consultations with delegations from countries around the world to pick a new leader.

It said in a statement: “For reasons including the health situation and current events, delegations will not be in a position to take a formal decision on 9 November.”

  • TheGuardian

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

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