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As promised, below is my score-sheet for the FG since 2015.



As promised, below is my score-sheet for the FG since 2015.

By Sanusi okesola

Agriculture: 7/10

Without any gainsaying, the current govt has shown so much seriousness here. Nigeria has never been more serious about Agriculture since the ill era of crude happened on us.

Anti-corruption: 5.5/10

This is one of the critical points govt promised to make their priority during their campaign. And, to be fair to PMB, he has made some strides. The govt has done more here than any other recent govt; it’s why he’s being celebrated on the fight internationally. But why are Nigerians still not moved? There are many complications.
One, and expectedly, there are several political influences in the fight. Many of the powers with the president are working to undermine the fight and are managing to still run businesses as usual. A good example is the recent drama of the probe of ex-EFFC Ag-Chair.

Also, the fight is yet to be genuinely institutionalised, it’s still mostly individual shows. Despite notable efforts that thrive in ensuring agencies publish their financial dealing regularly, contracts details made available to the public and the TSA, too many influential people still find the time to by-pass the rules.

For Nigerians to accept the fights, communications must be clear and straightforward. No sacred cow should be allowed. Elected officers must live by examples by reducing their bogus pays and expenses. And, most importantly, the money recovered/saved should impact the people and the economies.

Commerce and Manufacturing 4/10

The government has also communicated many of their efforts in these areas but beyond papers and communications, the results seen and the impacts are still miles away from reality. Understandable, these sectors were in terrible shape before now and resurgence should take time before they are fully felt.
Govt deserves an average score here but not more.

Education: 4/10

Nigerian education has not had the best of time for decades. Investments in the sector have been abysmal but the biggest problems revolve around Infrastructural decay, strike and staff numeration. Thank God for private Universities.

Though strike has been minimal since PMB came onboard, the percentage of resources committed to education is still the same abysmal figure. Beyond allocation, monitoring and implementation are yet to receive sense.

The highest allocation that was ever given to education since 1999 was 13% of the total budget (2008) since 1999. Place this against the global standard of 25%—meanwhile, PMB allocation average 7.64. The lowest was 1.69 in 2011.

I feel until elected officials are forced to send their kids to Nigerian Universities, or use their personal resources, they won’t ever be serious with our education.

Infrastructural Development: 7.5/10

This is one point where it’s difficult for naysayers to say nothing is happening. You need a stone-face to even push say that. No points wasting time, infrastructural decays in Nigeria are legendary and it will take years of serious efforts to meet up again.

But without mincing words, something profound has started despite the meagre resources at the FG’s disposal.

Manpower Development: 3.5/10

These have been mostly soiled by political influences and corruption. So much deployed, so little felt.

Security: 4.5/10

If you consider that security is one of the key points with which PMB came on board, you will understand that he should have done better here. There are notable efforts across the country. Boko Haram members were pushed back during his first tenure; cultism decimated in Lagos, Ikorodu and the East and govt managed to keep Niger-Delta boys quiet till date. Looks like a miracle.

But all of these were quickly replaced with another influx of BH boys, Herdsmen and kidnapping. While the efforts and the seriousness could be commendable, the results are still a far cry from general expectations.

Wealth Creation: 5/10

Instead of looking at how many more prosperous people we have today, we would instead consider the percentage of Nigerians living better today than 2015.

Somehow, many of the easy money-making links have been blocked. The rich men of those years may not be as rich as they used to be but more bills have been cleared among pensioners (some running into several years) and poor people. Also, more people at the lower strata of the economies have more access to aids, especially for Agriculture and MSME.

But considering that Nigeria just exited one of her biggest recession in decades before running back into Covid pandemics, the quality of Nigerian lives is badly beaten today than ever. Even more money today does less than fewer amounts would have done five years ago. According to NBS, May 2020, over 80 Nigerians live in poverty though I can’t remember the time more Nigerians have been living any better in recent time.

There are more efforts but fewer impacts.

In conclusion, we still have a problem of holding our state government responsible. Developments and growth are almost entirely measured by the efforts of the FG while the states go around taking monthly allocations and fixing roads. That’s one point where we need a serious discussion in Nigeria.

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Detail later…

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