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When I was getting set to marry my wife Anwinli, Pastor x called her for a meeting and told her not to marry me. In shock, she asked him why, and he said “Ohis doesn’t have a future. He is a miserable university graduate. He cannot afford to rent a house, he squats in his pastor’s house in Asaba and anytime he is in Benin he sleeps in his mother’s house. He doesn’t have any direction. He is like a ‘glorified’ house boy, a church rat and we use him to do the dirty jobs in church. Most times he cannot afford transport and often takes ‘along’. His ministry is not working and will never work…”

He went further to say, “So there is this other guy I think will be good for you…”

In great despair, Anwinli told me about the conversation. She was amazed that I was not a bit sad about it.
In affirmation, I told her, “Pastor x is right, his opinion about me is my current reality which is a fact but the truth is, I may not know my tomorrow but I know the God that knows my future. Follow me as I follow the One who knows our tomorrow.”

She didn’t hesitate to ignore the odds and stick with me. Eventually, we became a team, Pastor x was very angry and we became his enemies.

However, few months down the line, I had a big break!

God blessed my labour, I made a big hit! I made my first million at age 25 from a multimedia contract.
Quickly, I established a Multimedia Outfit that had a working staff on my payroll. God’s blessing was so evident that I was opportuned to buy my 1st car and secure a comfortable apartment.
It was the media outfit that later gave birth to ‘The Winlos’ you celebrate today.

Two years after, The Winlos became a global success. Our union is a success, and we hitherto have quite a handful of people from several nations of the world looking up to us as role models.


👉🏻Listen precious one, when God is writing your story, it doesn’t matter who tries to write you off. People will write you off because they think they know you. They see you and they think that is your end. What they don’t realize is the fact that all they know about you is the preamble to your Introduction and the main deal loading.

👉🏻Regardless of how a person’s status is, we should NEVER despise anyone because everyone has a pregnant future and you have no clue what he or she will deliver.

👉🏻Most leaders will rather condemn young ones than help them to the place of their destiny. As a leader, you must not like the choices of your followers. Do not be seen fighting them instead pray for them!
Leaders often exclude themselves from their followers process and are quick to call them ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’ when they succeed. This isn’t right, don’t be this kind of leader.

Not neglecting the fact that years later Pastor x introduced me to his friends saying ‘this is one of my sons I’m proud of’. I was shocked.

On the other hand,

👉🏻Ladies, when God directs you to a man, his material level shouldn’t be an issue if you understand the fact that you are a “favour carrier”. The Bible says any man that marries you has obtained FAVOUR. The moment Anwinli agreed to marry me despite my obvious situation, something in the atmosphere changed, doors began to open, why? She understood she’s favour!

Finally, people will always remember you for two things. The good you did for them or the good you never did. What part are you playing in that person’s life? Your call!

Let’s be part of lifting people up, giving them direction, giving them platforms, encouraging them and when they grow they will always remember you for good.

We Love YOU!

Ohis Muyiwa Ojeikere

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I Punished My Wife By Sleeping With Her Younger Sister – Nigerian Father Of Two



I Punished My Wife By Sleeping With Her Younger Sister – Nigerian Father Of Two

A Nigerian father of two, Maduakor Wiseman Jesus said that the best way for men to punish their wives if they provoke them is by cheating with their relatives.

According to him, his wife left him and their infant baby after he cheated on her with her younger sister.

He wrote:

“If your wife provokes you and you want to punish her cheat with her sister or relative and make her to find out, there is nothing more painful to them like cheating with their blood, they may not care if you cheat outside.
I don’t post what does not work for me. She will be pained all the days of her life. In fact I have been cheating on my wife, if she find out I apologize. Immediately I found this strategy, I cheated with her junior sis and she left a breastfeeding baby for me and leave. she never returned, we separate. That’s why I know it Pained them.

Just want to make common sense. #WISEMAN”

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A man who never put tribalism, religion or differences in his work…. True to his calling to serve our nation without influence of any politician. Not an Igbo man but he speaks Igbo in a way you will be mesmerized and full of laughter whenever he speaks.. He will tell you “Nwannah why disobeying the law?”
People say police is not your friend but in this man I disagree with that notion. In him, i immensely believe that police is a friend when you meet the good type…. The person I am talking about is my Honorable CSP. RABIU GARBA, the DPO of Fegge Police Station.

Yesterday the youth was rampaging looking for Police Station to burn down. When they troop to his Fegge Police Station with gallons of fuel and weapons, most of his men was grip with fear, Behold !, when he came out, the Chants of the angry youths Change from
” We no go agree oh we no go agree oh” to
“DPO Garba you be our friend,
DPO Garba You be our man”

He addressed then properly, lectured them all and changed their perspective towards embracing calmness.. If you know him well you will know he can lecture very well from every angles of courses, law to Biology , physics to Science, religion to culture, he is the master of all… We fondly call him Professor Rabiu, Onye Nkuzi. Tears nearly fall from my eyes, tears of Joy and appreciation of a good man still serving and existing in Police.

This is a Police man i have ever see who believe that hardworking pays. He is a police man and a Farmer as well. He is a Police man and a Civil Engineer. He is a Police man and a Lecturer as well…

To me, I am encouraging all police men and woman to emulate this Young man and learn from his Public relation skill. Because I strongly believe Public relationship should be practiced to serve the public interest, to develop mutual understanding between organizations, the neighborhood and their publics.

As a Psychologist, i have noticed that without publicity there can be no public support, and without public support every nation must decay.”

DPO Rabiu Garba we all know was the man who single handedly build a Borehole water for the people of Fegge Where his station is situated without donations from the public. If i lie verify from anyone you know living in fegge.

He also Organized Sports event for the youth at fegge Stadium where he normally engaged them in Table Tenis playing competition after work.. He walks among all without gun, knife or tear gas because he does his work diligently without corruption. So no fear of the mob.

He attends many church events he is been invited for around onitsha which shows his sense of unity.

When police do bad we mock them when we see one doing good pls my brothers and sister let us encourage that one as to lift his or her spirit to do more because ndi ba anyi is na Etoo dike na nkem omeru omekwa ozo….

DPO Rabiu Garba anyi Oha nile. No wonder people once cried when you wanted to leave to another Station. How i wish we have thousands of police men and women like you, the Police institution would have been so harmonized…..keep up the good work. Good market sells itself in the market…

No wonder Odumeje cherish you so much.

Thank you once again for the way you handled the youth matter yesterday which resulted to zero casualties at Fegge District…

Honourable Ozoigbondu na Umuoji. ( Odoakpa ward 7 Youth Mobilizer and Organizer)

Pls read and Share to appreciate a good work.

EndSARS #uprising #Lekkitollgate #policebrutalityawareness #PoliceReform #anambra #onitsha #DPO #Ndigbo #hausa #yoruba #IgboAmaka #channelstv #AITLIVE #AriseNews #NTA #abcnews

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God. All by Yourself.



By Juwon Odutayo

When Sarah laughed and called You a liar, You only provided her more answers.
When Mary was scared and asked You how, You gave her more clarifications.
When You saw that Leah was unloved, You opened her womb. And she had a baby.
When You saw Hagar was despised, You opened her eyes. And she saw a well of water.

When Adam ate the fruit, You drove him out.
When David got Bathsheba pregnant, You killed the baby.
When Zachariah questioned You, You made him dumb.
When Uzzah tried to save the ark, You struck him dead.

Esau was older. Jacob was blessed.
Aaron spoke better. Moses was leader.
Reuben was first born. Joseph was chosen.
Manasseh was a cool dude. Ephraim was picked.

Saul was a rebel, You made Paul out of him.
Job couldn’t hurt a fly, You played poker with his life.
Peter talked a mile a minute, You gave him a second chance.
Rahab couldn’t keep her legs closed, she made Christ’s family tree.

You asked Noah to build an ark.
You told Hosea to marry a whore.
You made Isaiah preach naked.
You watched Job go bankrupt.

A raven fed Elijah.
A donkey scolded Balaam.
A fish swallowed Jonah.
But the lions couldn’t hurt Daniel.

You permitted Bubu to win.
You did nothing about Bayo’s tears.
You gave Tolani a 7th chance.
You called Ayesha’s boy home.

Indescribable! Indisputable!
Un-figureoutable. Un-Putinaboxable.
You are God all by Yourself.
You can’t be explained.
You can’t be contained.
You are God. All by Yourself.

God. All by Yourself.

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